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The Knack is presenting a staged read of the first episode of Hey, Is Dee Dee Home? in May 2023 to help us get support (read as "funding") for the full 6-episode run (plus an as-yet-unseen spin-off episode) which will be staged in early 2024.

Drawing on the traditional sitcom medium, Dee Dee uses classic sitcom elements, including the five friend group, living room set, and local hang-out, along with common sitcom tropes such as Two-Timer Date, The Poisonous Friend, and of course The Very Special Episode.


And yes, there will be canned laughter.


We are casting roles from lead to ensemble and trying to feature every member of the ensemble in a guest-star role in further episodes where possible. So someone who plays background in one episode may end up playing a featured role in the next. We know that the ensemble is going to be the hardest to cast, so these featured roles (think Bowie or Warhol) have been written with that specifically in mind.

If you'd like to be involved in this presentation, send your CV plus a headshot to We'll be holding auditions early next year.

Click here for more information on Hey, Is Dee Dee Home?

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