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Call for auditions!


The Knack Theatre is producing The Jasmine Suite by Michael Olsen from 28 June to 8 July 2023.


Holed up in a hotel room in Prague, Richard and Kathryn find themselves the target of assassins. They’ve come to Prague to play ‘The Jasmine Suite’, a real-life, real-time algorithmic game hidden in the Dark Web which enmeshes participants in a game of assassination. But are people really meant to die—or even be wounded, as Kathryn is? In a world where the line between fantasy and reality has blurred to the point of confusion, can Richard and Kathryn survive the game they’re playing—or is the game playing them?


We are looking for actors to play one of two characters:

Kathryn (25-50 y/o): A woman searching for something that makes her feel alive.

Richard (20-30 y/o): In love with Kathryn, a romantic.


The Jasmine Suite is a profit-share production, and a nominal payment is guaranteed. It is important to note that the play involves physical intimacy, themes of violence, and eating strawberries. Please let us know if you’re comfortable with the above when submitting your expression of interest.


To learn more, check out our audition package HERE.

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