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Join us at Club Voltaire for The Knack’s First Annual Master Trivia Challenge! Or maybe it’s just a quarterly thing, we don’t know! Let’s see how we go before we start making promises!

Wanna be involved? Get 3-5 friends onboard, send us your names and team name in an email to, and you’re good to go!


“I don’t have a team, can I still play?”

Sure, send us your name in an email and we’ll pair you up with a team on the night.


“Is there a fee of some kind?”

NO! This is a free event!


“Are there prizes?”

Yeah, you know, we’ll come up with something.


“I drink. Can I drink?”

Yes, Club Voltaire’s bar will be open. Please drink, and drink often.

Not convinced you can win without a helping hand? Don’t forget gold coins to buy your cheat stickers on the night!

Come along and help support the emerging theatre industry in Melbourne!

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