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In addition to bringing you some really kind of kick-ass theatre, The Knack also offers some services to help you with your writing. One of these services is our Roundtable Script Read wherein we cast and produce a table read of your script, and host a roundtable discussion afterward with industry professionals.

The price of the Roundtable was $150, much of which went to pay for the venue. However, now that COVID has forced the world to turn live gatherings into Zoom meetings, we've found that we can do the same with our Roundtable. The upshot of all this is that we also lose the overhead!

We are now able to offer the Roundtable Script Read for $50! So if you've got a script that you'd like to have an organised reading of, by professional actors, AND get feedback from industry professionals once it's all over, follow the link below.




Also, we're running a special discount for the rest of the year. You can get the Roundtable Script Read for only $35 with the code below!


code: nrkNuk

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