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We Have a Rating System!


First of all, having a rating system doesn't seem very punk rock, we know. But we want to keep you, the Audience, informed as to the content of our shows without giving that content away via specific trigger warnings. We felt a rating classification system was the best way to go.

Second, these ratings are not age restrictions-- the idea that you cannot see an R-rated movie the day before your 18th birthday is ludicrous; You don't suddenly become more able to handle violence, sexual situations, and coarse or crude language just because the clock strikes midnight-- but they do take maturity into account. For example, a show may have nothing objectionable for a 9-year-old audience member, but does a 9-year-old really want to sit through Enchanted April? Possibly. Look, we don't know your 9-year-old. You do. And that's the point.

That said, the ratings are as follows:

GA – General Audiences. Bring your kids, you’ll all have fun.
KF – Kid-Friendly. This show is safe for kids but... it’s not really intended for them.
AS– Awkward Situations. Your 15-year-old cousin will enjoy it but your 6-year-old niece will have some                questions you don't want to answer.
AT – Adult Themes. Imagine being 15 and watching Blue Velvet with your mum. Nobody wants this.
MT – Mature Themes. Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. You will all be traumatized. Enjoy.

Some thematic elements may call for a sub-rating, designated with one or more of the following:

D – Sexual or suggestive dialogue
L – Coarse or crude language
S – Sexual situations
V – Violence

Finally, a rating will appear as AT(LS), indicating a play with adult themes that includes coarse or crude language and sexual situations, or AS(D), indicating a play with possible awkward situations that includes sexual or suggestive dialogue.

 And we're always looking for ways to improve, so if you have suggestions on the rating system, or if you require further information on the content of any of our shows, feel free to contact us at

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