Steven T Boltz

Steve is a columnist, playwright, and creative writing instructor from rural Pennsylvania, USA. His classes draw upon Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and explore the idea that each of us is the 'hero' of our own story. His play, Orson Welles and The Mercury Theater on the Air in 'The War of the Worlds' by HG Wells was staged in 2018 for the 80th anniversary of Welles' War of the Worlds radio broadcast, and his latest play, Lenore - A Tale of Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance, is inspired by the works of Edgar A Poe. 


Lourdes is a Mexican writer and researcher. Since moving to Melbourne in 2015, she has worked as a content writer for Monash University, as storyteller coordinator for Soundfair, and as an event reviewer for The Plus Ones. In 2017, she wrote and performed a monologue for Love Kills as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. In 2020, she was selected to take part in Melbourne Writers Theatre in One Act program. She is looking forward to staging her first full-length play, Memorials, in 2023.

Lourdes Zamanillo



The Brainstrust is not a board or a committee, but a team of advisors, all theatre professionals, with a broad stripe of theatre experience. Actors, writers, directors, producers, stage managers, costume designers, and even a magician make up the current Brainstrust.

The Brainstrust can range from five to seven members. Positions are fluid and are not set for a fixed term, as we know members will want to have various levels of involvement depending on their own projects at any given time.

Paolo Bartolomei.jpg

Paolo Bartolomei

Paolo is a charismatic Italian performer, born in Rome who completed his theatrical training at the National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne in 2019. Originally trained in dance, he moved on to train in other performance areas in institutions such as the Teatro Golden Academy and The European Academy of Theatre and Cinema. He was the first student visa holder to obtain the 'Florence Young Scholarship' at National Theatre Drama School. His recent acting credits include Stay, and Circuit, and he has appeared in the upcoming ABC TV production of The Newsreader. He will soon be appearing in a physical theatre production at the Malthouse Theatre in October 2021, and in Othello at the Alex Theatre in November 2021.

Matt Cavagnino

Matt Cavagnino
He/Him, They/Them

Matt is a queer interdisciplinary artist who has thrown themselves head-first into the Melbourne scene after relocating from Sydney after many years of an extensive career in live theatre performance, musical theatre, and professional training,  appearing in such works as Trapped! (2017); Angels in America (2018); and Sherlock Holmes and The Ripper Murders (2019). Matt has now shifted his focus to creative development for the creation and distribution of new theatrical works in Australia through The Knack and their own Yellow Handle Theatre Company. Matt has successfully staged two previous productions, Kallistei and Game for Flies in 2019 to critical and financial acclaim.

Aiden McHarg.jpg

Aiden McHarg

Aiden McHarg has been performing professionally since he was 16 as a magician, mime, and ghost tour guide. In 2018 he won Best Street Performance for his magic show in the Australian National Busking Championships in Ballarat. Recently graduating from Acting at Federation University, Aiden is excited to move onto performing for stage and screen. During his time at university, Aiden has played the role of Juror 12 in Twelve Angry Jurors by Sherman L. Sergel, Death in Everyman by Carol Ann Duffy, and D/Farmer in Embers by Campion Decent. Currently studying costume design, Aiden finds joy in many aspects of theatre, and aims to spread that joy and interest through all his work.

Rosemary Ochtman Headshot.jpg

Rosemary is an actor and dancer originally from rural country NSW. In 2020, Rosemary relocated to Melbourne and graduated from a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance (UNE, 2020), and was awarded the Peter Elkin Drama Prize and the UNE Players Prize. Rosemary has appeared in Shopping and Fucking (2021); A Stone's Throw (2020); Blackrock (2019); Some Explicit Polaroids (2019); Love and Information (2018); Speaking in Tongues (2018); and Spring Awakening (2017). In addition, Rosemary has been involved as a voice actor in various projects, and has 12 years of dance training and experience in the styles of Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Influenced by this training, she is currently completing her Honours in Theatre specialising in Contemporary Dance combined with spoken word performance.

Rosemary Ochtman

Vincent00023 - vincent pidal.jpg

Vincent graduated from Federation University’s Arts Academy (formerly BAPA) in 2019 with a Bachelor of Acting for Stage and Screen. He has appeared in various film and theatre productions including The Caucasian Chalk Circle (2019) by Bertolt Brecht, Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors (2019), and Lenore: A Tale of Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance (2022). In 2020, Vincent began studying The Method under Peter Kalos at the Melbourne Actors LAB. Vincent is currently continuing to refine his skills as an actor through consistent study and work in the industry.

Vincent Pidal