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THURSDAY, 23 JUNE 2022 AT 7:00


Help support the emerging theatre industry in Melbourne! Come watch a table read of a new play by Lourdes Zamanillo and then stay for a drink and share your thoughts with the author!

A woman wakes up to find herself in a stranger's house in the midst of a storm. Unsure of how she got there, and unable to get out, she tries to be amiable to her hosts, but the ghosts of her past are too palpable and will force both her and the woman of the house to confront -- and make peace with -- their own failures.

Memorial(s) is a story about the truths we choose to acknowledge, the ones we don't, and the harm they can do when we turn a blind eye to them.

The read will be held at The Last Jar, 616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, and the cost to attend is $5.

All profits made from this show will go to compensate the actors.

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