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THURSDAY, 9 MARCH 2023 AT 7:00

What do Number One (from Star Trek), Foo Ar Koo (from the planet of Utapau), Bormado (a dwarf from Middle Earth), and Juichi (a Pokemon killer) all have in common?  They’ve all been rejected from earlier drafts by their beloved creators (Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, J.R. Tolkien, and Satoshi Tajiri, respectively).  But don’t worry.  There’s a sci-fi convention just down the road, so they’ll have no problem blending in—or will they? A comedy about what sits at the bottom of the cauldron of popular culture—and how what we throw away could contain the greatest stories ever (un)told.

Help support the emerging theatre industry in Melbourne! Come watch a table read of Michael Olsen's The Rejects and then stay for a drink and share your thoughts with the author!

The read will be held at The Last Jar, 616 Elizabeth St., Melbourne, and the cost to attend is $5.

All profits made from this show will go to compensate the actors.

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