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THURSDAY, 13 APRIL 2023 AT 7:00

Well, this is a first. Noel Anderson approached us a few weeks back–you may remember we hosted a reading of his play Ghost Story last year–to ask if we might consider a read of his short film script, Sammy and Dave (Unlucky in Love). The timing was just right on this as we had just been discussing breaking into screenplay reads, so we gave him an emphatic YES!


Two bisexual men, 40's Aussie Dave and much younger English tourist Sammy, both married and unhappy with their family life, meet by chance at a sex venue in Melbourne and decide to spend the night together at the nearby Lucky Strike Hotel. Their brief encounter triggers memories from their past, as they laugh, drink and have sex in the hotel bed.Sammy and Dave is set in 1994, a time when coming out was not an option and unprotected sex was almost certainly a death sentence. Slide into bed with Sammy and Dave for a night you won't regret!

Help support the emerging theatre industry in Melbourne! Come watch a table read of Noel Anderson's Sammy and Dave: Unlucky in Love and then stay for a drink and share your thoughts with the author!

The read will be held at The Last Jar, 616 Elizabeth St., Melbourne, and the cost to attend is $5.

All profits made from this show will go to compensate the actors.

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